A blockchain adventure game, explore the METACATS world and play with more CAT, let's create a peaceful and loving METACATS world together


What are METACATS?

METACATS began its journey as a deflationary meme symbol and built a mature ecosystem for Web 3.0. AutoBoost's unique capabilities make METACATS one of the top cryptographic projects of 2022.
Starting from the newly released Pancakeswap, METACATS will work in the METACATS, where it will shine and where it will develop its own adventure games in METACATS World
Create, build and interact in the world of METACATS. METACATS GAME, a blockchain GAME currently in development, allows users to conquer CAT missions to earn more crypto rewards. Reveal hidden side quests for extra rewards that will boost your ranking.

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What is the METACATS GAME?
With METACATS, we're building a GAME for IOS and Android called METACATS GAME.
METACATS GAME is a GAME based on daily engagement, where users can pick up a METACATS of their own in METACATS WORLD in the METACATS METACATS universe for a level up.
In the game, every pet will live in METACATS WORLD, and all pets can earn METACATS tokens in the game by completing their daily tasks, jobs, and daily duties on time.
As each pet earns more METACATS tokens in the game, they can buy upgrades like clothes, food, build attributes, and even skills that allow them to get better jobs and earn more METACATS tokens every day.

In the future

In the future, METACATS will simultaneously develop and build their own SWAP and develop their own NFT. We will do more marketing campaigns to push METACATS into history!


Our team is developing a large ecosystem. We are using METACATS to develop a blockchain non-functional GAME called METACATS GAME. METACATS GAME is an ecosystem of GameFi that will have METACATS, DOGE, VSSHIB games, NFT, METACATS GAME Wallet and more! We are so happy to have you with us on this journey.



METACATS tokens are at the heart of the ecosystem.
Owning METACATS is a bet on the project's success.
METACATS is a token that rewards dividends.
Users will be rewarded with 5%DOGE tokens

TAX: 10%
Repo destruction: 4%
Marketing: 4%
Repatriation pool lock-in: 3%
Contract: 0xc3e39c04f6b638e3a4eb3b17b97014907c8553b0

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We'd love for you to join us and be part of these great chats. Please follow our official social networking page for the latest and accurate information and announcements.


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